Services and Equipment profile


CONVEYOR LINE We operate a 600 ft long variable speed conveyor capable to carry up to 250lbs of load hung every two feet. We operate up to 4 manual spray positions combined with automatic spraying stations if required. Stainless steel three-stage power washer pre-treatment for both steel and aluminum substrates. Maximum length of parts is 20 feet.

Our new batch oven profile is 30 feet long, 10 feet wide, 10 feet tall. There are 6 overhead i-beam rail carriers which help to move product fast trough the process.

BATCH II This batch oven is a time proven work horse with excellent profile of 17 feet long, 9 feet wide and 8 feet tall. Fitted with four i-beam railing systems for easy moving of the product through the line.

BURN-OFF OVEN We operate a burn-off oven to outgass and to strip old paint.

SANDBLASTING We are a full sandblasting service provider. Capability to handle parts up to 30ft long.

CHEMICAL STRIPPING TANK We utilize heated organic solution in our Chemical stripping tank for heat sensitive metals such as aluminum and zinc castings.

TRUCKS We utilize two 24-foot stake-bed truck and a smaller truck to pick up and deliver customer parts around the clock.




Architectural – aluminum extrusion, door hardware, iron fencing, doors, roll-up doors, panels, lighting fixtures, electric boxes, concrete. We are authorized to apply kynar powder by Rohm & Haas. We work with architects to create color and functional combinations that meet particular geographical locations including ocean side properties. Our unieque process of powder application on concrete enablees our customers to enjoy years of worry-free UV protection as well as a money-saving alternative.

Automotive – chassis, frames, trailers, motorcycle frames and accessories, break assembly housings, gear levers, wheels. Our automotive functional epoxy applications have set a standard in the industry and have been approved by the major auto makers.

Construction – this product category includes backflow prevention valves, fire hydrants and other plumbing hardware for industrial and residential construction. We apply epoxy fusion process (see below) for ultimate protection against rust, chemicals, and elements.

Industrial – industrial machinery such as industrial welders, conveyors, presses and many others. Our customers report increased sales due to powder coatings’ more attractive look and performance when compared to liquid coatings.

Abacus is a recognized leader in this market segment. For over a decade we have built an operation to process iron cast product such as fire hydrants, backflow prevention valves, pipes and connectors, as well as various cast iron pumps. We are capable to handle parts of up to 4,000 lbs in weight and up to 30 feet long in one of our batch ovens. We use a burn-off oven to outgass cast iron if required. We also operate a wheelebrator to sandblast the parts prior epoxy application.